In February 2017, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. held the Community Forum Safeguarding Our communities, Upholding Our Shared Values, opening discussion on anti-immigrantion sentiment and racially discriminatory incidents in Canada. 


Both the Community Forum and the Roundtables aimed to discuss the impact of recent incidents of racial discrimination towards newcomers and racially-charged sentiments present in media.  All Our Neighbours provided an ongoing opportunity for local communities to share their concerns in a public forum, engaging in informed dialogue about immigration.

The Roundtables encouraged residents to engage in open, honest conversations between newcomers, immigrants, and longtime residents, as neighbours who are speaking from their own experiences, and to reaffirm our shared values. The Roundtables also served to acknowledge the historic contribution of immigrants to the prosperity of British Columbia.

There were five Roundtables, each held within a different municipality. Please see our event page for a summary of each location's discussions.