Scenario 1:

Instructions: Read through the scenario. Identify the following as you read:

·       What is problematic in this scenario?

·       Identify examples of inclusive behaviours, approaches and language.

·        Identify examples of non-inclusive behaviours, approaches and language.

·       Consider how you might have done differently to ensure you are respectful and inclusive.


Scenario: Kalen’s group is just getting out of a house meeting, where new students get introduced to their Residence Coordinator and get a formal overview of the Residence Standards. Kalen keeps an eye on his group (mixed genders) as they exit the building, pleased because the students seem to be engaged and interacting with one another during the meeting.

Kalen shouts over the crowd to gather his group together, “All right guys in my group over here!”

Kalen motions to a spot just up ahead near the exit that is a bit further away from other groups. His group slowly makes their way out of the lounge and sit on the steps to the building.

Kalen looks around the circle, “So how was that?”

Responses of “okay”, “hot” and “scary” erupt from the group. Kalen is quick to respond, “I know right? Standards can suck but they make living in residence better.”

A group of students in another house race past Kalen’s group all decked out in their house shirts. A student in Kalen’s group pipes up, “Hey, so what’s the deal with all the different house colours? Why are we red?”

“Because red is the best you colour and the colour of champions.  Don’t you know who won the men’s gold medal hockey game?  There is no better colour” Kalen proudly replies. A student in the group asks, “What are other houses doing right now? Do they go through the same things as us?”

Kalen replies, “Ya pretty much everyone has similar days, but ours is just better. Seriously guys, you are in the best house. We’ll have the most fun out of any house in Vanier. We set the bar high for leadership, professionalism and throwing the best parties. We definitely aren’t nerds that bury ourselves in the library or study on a Friday night.”

As Kalen is speaking he notices the Korea-UBV house passing by and calls out to one of his fellow Residence Advisors, “Hey Chan!” Kalen points to the KU house and then quickly turns to his group, “Throughout the year every time we play teams from another house at Ultimate, we go up to them and yell our house cheer as loud as we can!”

A student in the group pipes up, “Why?”

“I dunno, it’s just tradition. We’ve always done it and why not? We’re the best! Now come on!” Kalen laughs and leaves the group.

Adapted from BRIC Student Leadership Training, UBC (2014).