Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategy

Delivering a meaningful strategy is far more than writing a polished document. If done well, people are fully-engaged and implementation is well underway by the time the strategic plan is online or in print.

IMAGE Credit: Courtesy of UBC

IMAGE Credit: Courtesy of UBC

The Intercultural Promise, 2014
University of British Columbia

In 2010 I was appointed the Director, Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development for the University of British Columbia, where I led the development and implementation of UBC’s commitment to intercultural understanding. The development included a needs assessment, involving over 250 one-on-one interviews with faculty and staff, student focus groups and town halls. Relevant research included a literature review, a peer institution review, and consultations with local experts in community integration. The plan was rewritten six times to reflect feedback and input from UBC's president, the UBC Committee of Deans, executive leadership, academic Heads and Directors, and subject matter experts and scholars. 

Read UBC Intercultural Understanding Mid-Level Strategic Plan: The Intercultural Promise.

An overview of the plan can be found at equity.ubc.ca

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

The Diversity Advantage, 2007
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada

As Manager of Diversity Initiatives for CBC Television, I managed the national diversity and inclusion portfolio for the CBC Television Network, coordinating the implementation of over 300 diversity initiatives across Canada that advanced workplace equity and inclusion and media representation of women in leadership and technical roles, people with disabilities, racialized persons and Indigenous People. I led the development of CBC's first cross-platform diversity strategic plan, which brought together television, radio, online and human resources, in partnership with the Canadian Media Guild. 

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