See what students are saying.

Below are comments made from my most recent Pre-Departure Orientation.

Below are comments from students in general. 

Alden committed a lot of his time to support us in planning the first student-let Dialogue event in 2014, together we worked really well and created a great start to our events that continue today. Experienced and knowledgeable in events planning, Alden not only generously shared with us some creative and interactive strategies about opening difficult discussions, but also gave us valuable advise in confronting intercultural challenges. I really appreciate Alden’s passion for engaging with students and inspiring them to make UBC a safe and meaningful space for intercultural understanding.
— Marianne, co-founder and facilitator at UBC Hua Dialogue
I would like to thank you for the two amazing sessions you presented to us during the FGL camp. I really enjoyed the multinational talk because I could relate to it on a personal level. 

My father is half Dutch, half Thai, but was born in Hong Kong, went to boarding school in Switzerland and then university in the U.S. He then met my mom, who is French with Algerian background, in Hong Kong and they decided to raise my brother and I in Singapore. We both have French passports and attended the French school for a while, and are now both at an international school, United World College. Hence, I really enjoyed and appreciated your talks.
— Gr. 12 Student who attended UBC Future Global Leaders


Hello Alden:
My name is Jack, I’m from China. And we had met this afternoon in Camosun college Lansdowne camps. Hope you remember me, I asked you a question about for different people should have different handshake question.

The reason I sent email to you it because you changed my life. I want to be like you full of energy and confident on the stage. Sorry about my English, I’m still learning it. I mean I just want to be like you, like what you doing everyday, giving people Energy and passion. And I really want to be a friend with you, I just feels you have so much positive energy when I talking with you. I want doing what you doing.

Thank you very much, is my honor to met you :)
— Jack D., Student at Camosun College