More feedback from the
2015 Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference

Alden is a gem!

Alden was wonderful! What he said struck a chord in everyone, esp. ppl like me who is Asian and can totally relate to what his conveying. So impressed GVPL should have him attend our staff training day!

Amazing speaker -spoke from head and heart, and had the ability to connect the two. Great choice!

And excellent start to the morning. The Keynote reflected the enthusiasm of the conference and its theme.

Best part of the day!

Engaging speaker, and the diversity message is always appropriate.

Engaging, friendly, thought-provoking, connected to the audience, light and profound at the same time!

Great choice- always enjoy hearing from speakers who are from outside library land.

Great presence, and very relevant to the Library milieu. Lots of ideas for further pursuit.

Great presentation!

Great topic choice and excellent speaker.

I found this presenter very informative and that he related the issue directly to libraries

I really enjoyed the perspective of a "non-Librarian" on the use of libraries by new immigrants

Missed him but had the good fortune of hearing him speak about 6 months ago.  A fitting choice for library staffers and he is a great speaker!

Not at all what I expected.  I spent the first few minutes thinking "what has this got to do with libraries?", and then it had everything to do with libraries.


Perfect choice, uplifting, interesting, fantastic speaker.

Pleasantly surprised. started off with me checking email, ended with me fully focused on the speaker

The Keynote was an amazing speaker and offered interesting insights regarding cultural awareness. His presentation was interactive and very interesting.

This year was great and interesting. He was a great oral speaker (which I think is very important for a keynote) and his topic was interesting and relevant to libraries. I especially liked how he handled question period. He was very informed.

Very engaging speaker with excellent presentation skills.

Very informed, engaging, speaker, Good choice. Thank you.

Very inspiring and thoughtful -- So relevant to libraries.

Very interesting and informative

Very interesting. I would like to have heard his whole speech and not just the short version

Very motivational.

Way better than I'd expected from reading about it! Engaging manner but also made all aspects of his talk relevant to our group.

What a superb speaker to start the conference!

Wow - what a great and informative speaker.  Was talking about his presentation to friends all weekend and still discussing it with colleagues a week later.