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2017-06-29 Intercultural Fluency for UBC Camp Instructors & Staff

Intercultural Training Scenarios

Sport and International Camps
Athletics and Recreation, UBC

  1. You are dealing with a camper who says she cannot eat anything on the menu because all the food tastes so different. How do you get her to eat or to approach the meal differently?

  2. We pair up two campers to share a room for the full two weeks. It turns out that one camper is very religious and prays every time they wake up and go to bed. After a few nights, their roommate approaches you and tells you that they feel uncomfortable when their roommate prays.

    1. A few days later, the child who prays every night asks you why their roommate and the other campers look at him oddly or say bad things about his religion and his praying.

  3. You notice that a thirteen year old camper is very affectionate with everybody. He kisses everyone on the cheek when greeting “Hello” and “Goodbye”. To you it all seems good natured. At the same time, however, you notice that it makes some campers and even some counsellors uncomfortable, what do you do?

  4. You have an 18-year-old camper who self-identifies as lesbian and is very open and promotes positivity and pride around the subject. Some campers, who come from more conservative countries and have not been exposed to such a normalcy on the subject start reacting to it by whispering about her. One camper even asks you why the girl is so upfront about it?

  5. A camper, Jimmy,  has some marks on his back from acupuncture therapy, after going to the pool and kayaking, the other campers have taken note and began to tease him. One day, when everyone is on the bus, a camper asks you what disease Jimmy has.