This page was created as a resource for the students in the UBC Sauder MM program and the UBC Sauder BComm students who attended my workshop on September 29, 2017 on vital soft skills for management success in Canada. Below is the framework of the 9 Core Vital Skills, the results from the student polls, and resources on mental toughness and small talk. At the very bottom is a question form for those who need more information. 


9 Core Vital Skills


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Mental Toughness Resources:

11 Mindsets Learned in Prison Made Me Mentally Unstoppable
by Andrew Medal

Read at

Small Talk Resources:

The 10 Big Rules of Small Talk
by Jennifer Tung

Small Talk Scripts

Working in groups of threes or fives, use the following script for your small talk role play:


You are at a networking event. While you are mingling there is a potential employer, Person B, that you would like to make a connection with. You need to break the ice, and get them talking about themselves as soon as possible. And you also need to introduce Person C to Person B.  (more)



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