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You are in an interaction.  It's not going well.  

You are encountering responses, reactions or behaviours that are different than what you were expecting.

Apply the O – D – I - S

OBSERVE – notice your reaction.  Step back and pause. 

DESCRIBE – objectively describe the interaction, the context, what happened

INTERPRET – consider all possible perspectives 

SUSPEND JUDGMENT – throughout this process suspend certainty & judgement

O.D.I.S. Scenario

An RA stops by a shared room to discuss a roommate agreement.

One of the students is a female first year student of Asian descent and she nods her head with everything that's said. She does not engage in a productive discussion, nor (attempts to) drive the conversation as per her needs/concerns.

When repeatedly asked to share her comments, concerns and opinions – she does not engage with eye contact, keeps looking down, nods in agreement, and states that it's all okay and understands what is agreed upon.

Use O.D.I.S. (above) to analyze the case scenario.