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My Prezi's

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2017-01-31 Intercultural Fluency for Libraries, Faculty and Staff

2017-01-31 Fostering Thriving Environments for Facilitating Courageous

Community Agreement

The following is a list of commonly used "ground rules" used to ensure that all participants feel respected, included and able to freely contribute in a facilitated workshop, dialogue and/or courageous or difficult conversation:

  • Listen, and give each other adequate space to speak.
  • Participate fully (assume people want to hear you).
  • No one owns a monopoly on the truth.
  • Challenge yourself (find that place between comfort and discomfort)
  • Challenge each other respectfully: ask questions, refrain from personal attacks. Focus on ideas, perspectives and not people.
  • Speak from your own experience instead of generalizing ("I" instead of "they," "we," and "you").
  • Not about winning or losing. We are all here to learn.
  • The goal is not to agree: it is to gain a deeper understanding.
  • Be conscientious about non-verbal cues (your body language).

Participants are encouraged to provide their own suggestions before the above are offered. Participants are also welcomed add to this list when needed.

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