Spark: The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Milton K. Wong
Co-Editor (Producer); Published by Greystone Books.

A Renewal of Multiculturalism
Cultures West, Volume 30, No. 2: Winter 2012.
Journal for the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies

Multiculturalism 2.0: More than Ethnic
Journal for the Korean Association of Canadian Studies

Beyond the Mosaic: Multiculturalism 2.0
Canadian Diversity, Volume 6:4, Fall 2008. Journal for the Association of Canadian Studies

Cultural Awareness and the Foresight of Change
North American Association of Asian Professionals,
Vancouver Chapter

Talking Between the Lines
Co-authored paper for the Minister’s Forum on Culture and Diversity Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada

Expanding Art Histories: Asserting Asian Canadian Artists
into Canadian Art History

The Vancouver Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A)