University of Delaware

February 7, 2017


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Intercultural Essentials for Thriving in a Multicultural Campus


The composition and character of our cities, communities and campuses is rapidly evolving, pushing post-secondary institutions across Canada and the U.S. to adapt and stretch to meet the demands of a more global and diverse campus. Concurrently, the recent influx of refugees into the U.S. forces us to ask if we are as ready as we think, to be as inclusive as we need.

This interactive session provides a frank conversation about the aspirations of internationalizing higher and private education (K-12), the intercultural afterthought, and the emergent challenges faced by faculty, frontline, support and security staff in making the “world around us” an integral aspect of the American campus experience.

In racing to internationalize, education institutions have also placed unexpected and sometimes harsh burdens on faculty and staff. This session examines how a clearer path to culture change can help to meet the challenges that have emerged at both the student services frontline and in the multicultural campus. It will also introduce the concept and framework of intercultural fluency, and provide applicable knowledge, skills and a variety of concrete tools that lead to more effective engagement with a culturally diverse student body.