Helping Campuses Meet their Intercultural Aspirations

Higher Education


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Unrivalled experience in achieving intercultural understanding for students, faculty and staff. 

I have led a five-year effort at the University of British Columbia to be more than a diverse campus, but in fact an intercultural one. Being the most international university, located in the most Asian city in North America, comes with complex challenges. 

UBC is not alone in its intercultural goals and hurdles.

Almost every university and college in Canada aims to grow its number of international students, often with promises of an "enriched" and "more global learning experience" for local Canadian students. The truth of the matter is that admitting more overseas or culturally diverse students, does not in itself produce global citizens or a positive classroom experience. 


My mission is to share what we've learned.

My goal is simple: to spread the intercultural movement to campuses across Canada and the US.

By sharing the lessons learned from one of the most aggressive and intentional efforts to improve intercultural student learning at Canada's top research university saves institutions time and money. 

Providing faculty and staff intercultural supports is essential to student learning.  

Faculty and staff generally believe in the international campus enterprise, but often feel a tremendous burden: that they have neither been given enough time nor resources to adapt to the rapidly diversifying classroom or front-line.

In respond to this need, I have developed and delivered intercultural education and skills development for faculty and staff, and provided one-on-one advising, workshop facilitation and intercultural Teaching Assistant education. 

My promise is to meaningfully engage faculty and provide them practical solutions that alleviate their strain and support their wellbeing, before adding any extra work to their plate. 




I have supported all levels of UBC's operations and administration on a wide range of intercultural matters, including: 

  • Academic integrity
  • Change management
  • Community engagement
  • Curriculum development
  • Development
  • Faculty engagement
  • Issues management
  • Leadership development
  • Media relations
  • Organizational climate and culture
  • Policy development
  • Professional development of faculty and staff 
  • Strategy development
  • Student learning
  • Student development
  • Student safety

If your campus aspires to be an intercultural place of learning, where students, faculty and staff from all over the world feel included, valued and readily contribute, schedule a consultation to see how I can help.